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Meet Our 2022 Scholarship & Bursary Recipients

The CIP/ICU Planning Student Trust Fund (CIP-PSTF) Board of Directors is pleased to announce our 2022 scholarship and bursary recipients. This year, CIP-PSTF awarded five scholarships and four bursaries, totalling $36,000 in financial assistance.

CIP-PSTF is the Canadian planning profession’s national charity, providing a scholarship and bursary program to students in accredited planning programs in Canada. The Canadian Institute of Planners (CIP) created CIP-PSTF in 1989 to contribute to the advancement of professional planning. After incorporating as a separate entity under the Canada Corporations Act, the fund received charitable status in 1990.

The sustainability of the scholarship and bursary programs is dependent on individual donations and corporate sponsorships. If you want to support planning students through CIP-PSTF’s programs, you can donate today.

CIP President's Scholarship

Amaury Sainjon, Université Laval

Towards responsibility for sound in the development of urban projects: Issues related to the use of proposals for best practice guides

"It is with much gratitude that I accept this year's CIP President's Scholarship. This award is a financial and morale-boosting encouragement to continue along my academic and professional path in urban planning. It is also a fantastic recognition of research on sound, as a constitutive dimension of living environments."

Dillon Consulting Limited Scholarship

Maya Mollander, Simon Fraser University

Renewables and Reconciliation: A Just Transition to a Low Carbon Future for BC

"Being the recipient of the 2022 Dillon Consulting Limited Scholarship is truly an honour. I would like to express my deepest thanks and gratitude to the CIP/ICU Planning Student Trust Fund for supporting me in my academic journey, encouraging me to pursue my passions, recognizing the value of a just transition to a low-carbon future, and opening doors to a bright future and career path ahead."

Climate Change Action Scholarship

Martin Straathof, University of Guelph

Exploring the impacts of Canadian agrihoods as a form of development-supported agriculture

"I am honoured and grateful to the CIP/ICU Planning Student Trust Fund for having been selected as the recipient of the Climate Chance Action Scholarship for my research exploring the impacts of agrihood communities. Having my research recognized by the Canadian Institute of Planners is incredibly validating and feels like the industry is there to support me while I develop my career. The funding also provides me with relief at a critical time of my studies so I can focus on ensuring quality research that will provide innovative and adaptive solutions for planners and municipalities addressing climate change. Thank you so much – this support truly makes a difference!"

College of Fellows Undergraduate Scholarship

Mobeen Ghafari, Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly Ryerson University)

Big Ideas for Selkirk Manitoba (Climate Change)

"As a first-generation student, I am honoured and grateful to be receiving the College of Fellows Undergraduate Scholarship award for this year in recognition of my project and would like to express my gratitude towards the CIP/ICU Planning Student Trust Fund. This support means a lot to me and motivates me to continue to pursue my interest related to environmental planning. Once again, thank you for this recognition and award."

Thomas Adams Scholarship

Anwen Rees, Simon Fraser University

Nature-based solutions for reconciliation-informed climate adaptation

"I am incredibly grateful to be receiving the Thomas Adam’s scholarship through CIP. I feel so lucky to be pursuing an education and career in which I can integrate all my interests to make positive change. In addition, I am honored to have the opportunity to share my passion for research with the larger CIP community. Receiving this scholarship allows me to more easily continue doing what I love and contribute to just local climate adaptation."

SOAR Professional Services Indigenous Student Bursary

Katie Turriff, University of British Columbia

"Sincere thanks to the CIP/ICU Planning Student Trust Fund (CIP-PSTF) for awarding me with the inaugural 2022 SOAR Professional Services Indigenous Student Bursary. I am a first-generation undergraduate and master’s student in my family lines and I am my family’s first Kanien'kéha speaker in four generations. It is financial support like this that helps propel me on behalf of my family and supports my work with Indigenous communities. I am incredibly thankful for this support."

David Palubeski Bursary

Rachel Barber, Queen’s University

"I am honoured to be the recipient of the 2022 David Palubeski Bursary. In addition to strengthening my motivation to contribute to planning in small and medium sized communities, this bursary will allow me to concentrate on my studies and my research on best age-friendly practices for communities in Northern Ontario."

Ted Fobert & Robert Tennant Planning Merit Bursary

Ryan O’Toole, University of Northern British Columbia

"I am honoured to receive the Ted Fobert & Robert Tennant Planning Merit Bursary and extend huge gratitude to the CIP/ICU Planning Student Trust Fund for their consideration. This support will further my studies in understanding the roles and responsibilities municipalities have (or should have) towards Indigenous Peoples, where local accountability is often abdicated under the perception of provincial or federal government jurisdiction over Indigenous bodies. It is my ultimate belief that by prioritizing the health and well-being of Indigenous Peoples we will create space in Canadian urban centres for unique perspectives in sustainability grounded in philosophies born of these lands that have existed since time immemorial. T'oyaxsut 'nüün."

John Bousfield Bursary

Emily Power, University of Toronto

"Planning students in professional graduate programs in Canada do not have access to the same funding packages as students in research programs, and the cost of tuition for professional programs is usually higher. This is a barrier-to-entry for many potential students. Tuition debt can also steer graduates away from social justice work in the public and non-profit sector toward higher-paying jobs in the private sector, often in real estate development and resource extraction. I am grateful to receive this award from the CIP/ICU Planning Student Trust Fund, which will help with my tuition debt."

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