The sustainability of the scholarship program is dependent on individual donations and corporate sponsorships.

Donations are tax-deductible and donors may direct their contributions to the:

  • General Fund (e.g. CIP President’s Scholarship & Thomas Adams Scholarship)

  • College of Fellows Undergraduate Scholarship

  • Climate Change Action Scholarship

  • David Palubeski Bursary

Donate now on our donation page.

To donate by cheque, mail your completed  donation form  with cheque payable to “CIP/ICU Planning Student Trust Fund” to:

CIP/ICU Planning Student Trust Fund

141 Laurier Ave West, Suite 1112

Ottawa ON  K1P 5J3


Click on 'Donate Now' to make a one-time donation by credit card through CanadaHelps. Charitable tax receipts are issued and emailed immediately by CanadaHelps.


Click on 'Donate Now' to enroll as a monthly donor through CanadaHelps. Monthly donors provide CIP-PSTF with a steady and predictable source of income. Donors will automatically receive a charitable tax receipt from CanadaHelps after the start of a new year


Does your workplace have a charitable giving program? Please consider directing all or part of your donation to CIP-PSTF through such programs like the United Way or the Government of Canada Workplace Charitable Campaign (GCWCC).



Gifts-in-kind are donations of property other than cash. They can include donations of land, buildings, marketable securities, equipment, furniture, vehicles, promotional items, and raffle and auction prizes.

To make a gift-in-kind donation, please contact us.


A donation of securities or mutual funds is the most efficient way to give charitably. Since capital gains taxes don't apply, you can give more and get more. You receive the charitable tax receipt for the full market value of the security upon completion of the sale.

Learn more about donating securities to CIP/ICU Planning Student Trust Fund through CanadaHelps.org here.


There are many options for making a legacy gift to support students and the future of the planning profession. These include gifts of life insurance, property, RRSPs and RRIFs, securities, and bequests.

With any planned giving, the donor should consult with a financial planner to determine the course of action that best reflects the goals of the donor.




When you partner with the CIP/ICU Planning Student Trust Fund (CIP-PSTF), you are partnering with Canada’s only national charity dedicated to advancing excellence in the planning profession by supporting the education of future planners.

Through your investment in CIP-PSTF, you can:

  • Make a direct impact on worthy students’ education and future careers

  • Promote excellence and charitable-giving within your organization

  • Enhance your corporate image


CIP-PSTF is always interested in establishing new scholarships and bursaries that will support future planners in their education and research.

Sponsoring an annual scholarship or bursary is an effective way to demonstrate your organization’s commitment to the planning profession and your support for those in need. It is also an excellent opportunity to honour your organization’s founder(s) with an impactful legacy benefitting both Canada and its future planners.

As a sponsor, you may shape a sponsorship or bursary with your own criteria beyond the basic eligibility requirements of all CIP-PSTF offerings. Options include specifications for areas and levels of study, as well as those that promote equity, diversity, and inclusion.

CIP-PSTF will manage the promotion, evaluation, and awarding of the scholarship or bursary, and ensure the prudent management of the donated funds. Your organization will receive a charitable receipt in the full amount of your annual funding contribution.

To discuss scholarship or bursary sponsorships opportunities, please contact us


CIP-PSTF is always exploring opportunities to raise awareness and funds. This includes in-person and online events, as well as raffles, draws, and auctions. Donors of gifts-in-kind (property other than cash) for these purposes will receive a charitable receipt equal to the fair market value of the gift.

Should you or your organization wish to donate to or sponsor an awareness-raising or fundraising initiative, please contact us



Please consider becoming a CIP-PSTF member!

You’ll become part of a dedicated community that supports existing CIP-PSTF programs and enables CIP-PSTF to expand its impact. Membership is free and ongoing until such time as you notify the CIP-PSTF secretariat that you wish to cancel. As a member, you will have a voice and a vote at the CIP-PSTF Annual General Meeting of members.



CIP-PSTF is thankful to the following for their ongoing support:



Each year, CIP donates $2.00 from each membership fee that it collects from its professional and candidate members. This funding supports the CIP President’s Scholarship, the Thomas Adams Scholarship, and also goes towards CIP-PSTF’s administration expenses.

College of Fellows - social.jpg


CIP’s College of Fellows makes an appeal each year to its members to raise funds for the scholarship program. This funding supports the College of Fellows Undergraduate Scholarship.

Ages Foundation.JPG


Subsidies for scholarship recipients’ attendance at CIP’s national conference are made available through the generous support of the Ages Foundation.



Since 2005, Dillon Consulting Limited has generously funded the Dillon Consulting Limited Scholarship.    



Starting in 2019, Fotenn is the proud supporter of the Ted Fobert and Robert Tennant Planning Merit Bursary.       

Bousfields Inc..JPG


Starting in 2019, Bousfields Inc. is pleased to support the John Bousfield Bursary.