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Expression of Interest

The CIP/ICU Planning Student Trust Fund (CIP-PSTF), Canada's national charity for the planning profession, is now open for nominations for Directors for the 2023/2025 term. These volunteers will play an important role by providing leadership and oversight for the activities of CIP-PSTF. Anyone interested in governance, fundraising, awareness-raising — and of course, supporting the education of future planners — will find meaningful opportunities to be involved.

To be considered for the position of Director of CIP-PSTF, which begins in mid -June, please complete and submit the online CIP-PSTF Director Expression of Interest Form by 4:00 pm ET on May 12, 2023. Questions can be directed to Hannah Whitworth at

Note: Directors are elected for a term of two years.



To be eligible for election, nominees must be members in good standing of CIP-PSTF, and meet specific experience or competency requirements, as set out by the Board of Directors. CIP-PSTF membership is free. Contact Hannah Whitworth at for more information or to become a member.


Each nominee must meet the following minimum qualifications:

  • Relevant experience at a strategic or policy-making level in a professional, government, non-profit, charity or academic organization

  • Sufficient time and availability to satisfy the Director’s responsibilities

  • Reputation for ethical behaviour both personally and professionally

  • Freedom from any conflict of interest that may impair the Director’s ability to make consistent and fair decisions in the best interests of CIP-PSTF

  • Previous Board experience or similar

  • Demonstrated financial, legal and business literacy through previous experiences

  • Experience in a leadership role

  • Understanding of CIP-PSTF’s role and purpose

In addition to the above, Directors should ideally demonstrate proficiency in the following:

  • Integrity

  • Knowledge of governance

  • Collaborative skills

  • Communications

  • Independence

  • Leadership

  • Legislation and standards

Reference Documents


Expression of Interest

CIP-PSTF Director Expression of Interest Form
If you wish to provide a CV in lieu of a LinkedIn profile, you may either paste a link to view your CV online or email a copy to Hannah Whitworth at Please indicate your preference below:

Thank you for submitting your formal Expression of Interest to join the 
CIP-PSTF Board of Directors. We will be in touch!

This form no longer accepts submissions.

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