Patrycia Menko

University of Waterloo

Recipient of the 2021 CIP President's Scholarship

“I wish to express my sincerest thanks and gratitude as this year’s CIP President's Scholarship recipient. Thank you to the juries involved for your support and thank you to all the donors who contributed to the scholarship. I feel incredibly honored that my research was recognized as having significant applications to major cities in Canada and inspired to be surrounded by such brilliance in the planning profession and student community. By awarding me this scholarship, you’ve significantly alleviated financial pressures and given me a platform to share my research. I am forever grateful to the CIP/ICU Planning Student Trust Fund for your confidence in my work.”


Claire Lee

Queen's University

Recipient of the 2021 Dillon Consulting Limited Scholarship

Hillary Beattie photo.jpg

Hillary Beattie

University of Manitoba

Recipient of the 2021 Climate Change Action Scholarship

“I am very grateful to receive the inaugural Climate Change Action Scholarship and would like to thank the CIP/ICU Planning Student Trust Fund for their support. It is an honour to have my research on cycling infrastructure in small cities across Western Canada recognized by the planning profession. The financial support is also greatly appreciated as it alleviates the financial pressure of graduate school. I hope my research and future work will help small communities expand their active transportation networks and become more environmentally sustainable.”

Lucas Mollame photo.jpg

Lucas Mollame

University of Waterloo

Recipient of the 2021 Wayne Daniel Smith Scholarship

“I would like to thank the CIP/ICU Planning Student Trust Fund for selecting me as the recipient of the Wayne Daniel Smith Scholarship. The potential of natural assets to change patterns in land use planning and municipal service delivery must receive increased recognition. Municipal natural asset management can positively contribute to municipal, provincial, and federal climate adaptation goals while building in increased climate resiliency for adverse weather events. On a personal note, this award speaks to the importance of planning research completed at the graduate level and I am honoured to continue a legacy of student researchers across Canada.”


Amaury Sainjon

Université Laval

Recipient of the 2022 CIP President's Scholarship

“It is with much gratitude that I accept this year's CIP President's Scholarship. This award is a financial and morale-boosting encouragement to continue along my academic and professional path in urban planning. It is also a fantastic recognition of research on sound, as a constitutive dimension of living environments.”

MOLANDER_MAYA_1 (diff background).jpg

Maya Mollander

Simon Fraser University

Recipient of the 2022 Dillon Consulting Limited Scholarship

“Being the recipient of the 2022 Dillon Consulting Limited Scholarship is truly an honour. I would like to express my deepest thanks and gratitude to the CIP/ICU Planning Student Trust Fund for supporting me in my academic journey, encouraging me to pursue my passions, recognizing the value of a just transition to a low-carbon future, and opening doors to a bright future and career path ahead.”

Martin Straathof_headshot_CIP scholarship.png

Martin Straathof

University of Guelph

Recipient of the 2022 Climate Change Action Scholarship

“I am honoured and grateful to the CIP/ICU Planning Student Trust Fund for having been selected as the recipient of the Climate Chance Action Scholarship for my research exploring the impacts of agrihood communities. Having my research recognized by the Canadian Institute of Planners is incredibly validating and feels like the industry is there to support me while I develop my career. The funding also provides me with relief at a critical time of my studies so I can focus on ensuring quality research that will provide innovative and adaptive solutions for planners and municipalities addressing climate change. Thank you so much – this support truly makes a difference!”

Mobeen Ghafari.jpg

Mobeen Ghafari

Toronto Metropolitan University

Recipient of the 2022 College of Fellows Undergraduate Scholarship

"As a first-generation student, I am honoured and grateful to be receiving the College of Fellows Undergraduate Scholarship award for this year in recognition of my project and would like to express my gratitude towards the CIP/ICU Planning Student Trust Fund. This support means a lot to me and motivates me to continue to pursue my interest related to environmental planning. Once again, thank you for this recognition and award. ”


Katie Turriff

University of British Columbia

Recipient of the 2022 SOAR Professional Services Indigenous Student Bursary

"Sincere thanks to the CIP/ICU Planning Student Trust Fund (CIP-PSTF) for awarding me with the inaugural 2022 SOAR Professional Services Indigenous Student Bursary. I am a first-generation undergraduate and master’s student in my family lines and I am my family’s first Kanien'kéha speaker in four generations. It is financial support like this that helps propel me on behalf of my family and supports my work with Indigenous communities. I am incredibly thankful for this support."

Anwen Rees.jpg

Anwen Rees

Simon Fraser University

Recipient of the 2022 Thomas Adams Scholarship

"I am incredibly grateful to be receiving the Thomas Adam’s scholarship through CIP. I feel so lucky to be pursuing an education and career in which I can integrate all my interests to make positive change. In addition, I am honored to have the opportunity to share my passion for research with the larger CIP community. Receiving this scholarship allows me to more easily continue doing what I love and contribute to just local climate adaptation."

Rachel Barber.JPG

Rachel Barber

Queen's University

Recipient of the 2022 David Palubeski Bursary

"I am honoured to be the recipient of the 2022 David Palubeski Bursary. In addition to strengthening my motivation to contribute to planning in small and medium sized communities, this bursary will allow me to concentrate on my studies and my research on best age-friendly practices for communities in Northern Ontario."


Emily Power

University of Toronto

Recipient of the 2022 John Bousfield Bursary

""Planning students in professional graduate programs in Canada do not have access to the same funding packages as students in research programs, and the cost of tuition for professional programs is usually higher. This is a barrier-to-entry for many potential students. Tuition debt can also steer graduates away from social justice work in the public and non-profit sector toward higher-paying jobs in the private sector, often in real estate development and resource extraction. I am grateful to receive this award from the CIP/ICU Planning Student Trust Fund, which will help with my tuition debt."

Ryan portrait.jpeg

Ryan O'Toole

University of Northern British Columbia

Recipient of the 20222 Ted Fobert and Robert Tennant Planning Merit Bursary

"I am honoured to receive the Ted Fobert & Robert Tennant Planning Merit Bursary and extend huge gratitude to the CIP/ICU Planning Student Trust Fund for their consideration. This support will further my studies in understanding the roles and responsibilities municipalities have (or should have) towards Indigenous Peoples, where local accountability is often abdicated under the perception of provincial or federal government jurisdiction over Indigenous bodies. It is my ultimate belief that by prioritizing the health and well-being of Indigenous Peoples we will create space in Canadian urban centres for unique perspectives in sustainability grounded in philosophies born of these lands that have existed since time immemorial. T'oyaxsut 'nüün."






2022 – Amaury Sainjon, Université Laval

"Vers une prise en charge du sonore dans l’élaboration de projets urbains : Enjeux relatifs à I’utilisation des propositions des guides de bonnes pratiques"


2021 – Patrycia Menko, University of Waterloo 

“The Retail Food Environment, Food Access, and Gentrification Processes in Toronto”


2020 – Chris Ray, Simon Fraser University

“Assessing Energy Values and Management Options for Metlakatla Village”


 2019 — Kacia Tolsma, Simon Fraser University

 "How Can Public Engagement Facilitate Green Infrastructure Implementation? A Case Study in Still Creek, Vancouver"


2018 — Emily Halldorson, University of Manitoba

"Transitional Housing for Criminalized Indigenous Women: Justice and Reconciliation in Planning"


2017 — Kai Okazaki, University of British Columbia

 "Addressing Barriers to Inclusive Climate Action: Planning for Immigrants in Metro Vancouver"


 2016 — Chloe Boyle, Simon Fraser University

 "An Evaluation of the social and ecological benefits of an urban stream restoration project"


 2015 — Abdoul-Kader Mahamadou, Université de Laval

"L'influence de l'environnement bâti et du transport sur l'interaction sociale des enfants à Québec"


2014 — Kara Fisher, McGill University

 “Cycling Through Winter: Exploring innovative design principles and practices to support all season bicycle commuting for Winnipeg and Winter Cities worldwide”


Anwen Rees.jpg

2022 - Anwen Rees, Simon Fraser University

"Nature-based solutions for reconciliation-informed climate adaptation"

Angela Asuncion photo.jpg

2021 - Angela Asuncion, University of Guelph

“Building Agency in a Landscape of Extraction: Examining Corporate Social Responsibility as a Mechanism for Enhancing Community Agency and Sustainable Development in the Philippines Mining Industry”


2020 - Emma Squires, Simon Fraser University,

“Pathways to rural climate resilience: investigating the role of community philanthropy in climate transitions”


2019 — Amanda McCulley, University of Waterloo, "Redefining "house poor": Evaluating housing for the disabled in the Waterloo Region"


2018 — Sarah Lumley, Queen's University,

"Bridging the Gap Between Disaster/Emergency Management and Urban Planning in Vancouver Island Communities"


2017 — Robert Catherall, University of British Columbia,

"Planning for the Innovation Economy in Vancouver: Lessons from Seattle and San Francisco"


2016 — Emily Gray, University of British Columbia, "Finding Safer Places: Building Natural Disaster Resilience through Open Spaces"


2015 — Anthony Dionigi, York University,

"Achieving equity in public transit planning: A critical assessment of Markham, Ontario's VivaNext Rapidway"


2014 — Will Gregory, Dalhousie University,

“Who Lives Downtown? Tracking demographic change in downtown Halifax, 1951-2011”

MOLANDER_MAYA_1 (diff background).jpg

2022 – Maya Mollander, Simon Fraser University

"Renewables and Reconciliation: A Just Transition to a Low Carbon Future for BC"


2021 – Claire Lee, Queen's University

“Making Space for Physical Distancing in Canada's Urban Centres: A Case Study of Vancouver's Slow Streets”


2020 – Isha Matous-Gibbs, Vancouver Island University

“Deathscapes in Planning: how planners can create grief friendly spaces in today's world”


2019 — Erinn Lee, University of Guelph

 "From Policy to Implementation: Expanding the Agricultural Phosphorus Management Toolkit in the Lake Erie Basin"


2018 — Waverley Sunday Birch, University of Waterloo

"Effects of Land Use and Land Cover Change on Ecosystem Functionality"


2017 — Zoë Mager, York University

"Planning with Indigenous Peoples: Meaningful Municipal Consultation and Engagement as a Key Part of Reconciliation"


2016 — Tyler Carlson, Simon Fraser University 

"Formulating Forest Policies with the ‘Namgis Nation: Lessons from First Nations land use planning across British Columbia"


2015 — Ryan Segal, University of Manitoba

 "Playfinding: Child-Friendly Wayfinding as a Tool for Children's Independent Mobility in Downtown Winnipeg"


2014 — Kyle Miller, University of Toronto

“The First Evaluation of Toronto's Church Street Parklets”


Mobeen Ghafari.jpg

2022 — Mobeen Ghafari, Toronto Metropolitan University

"Big Ideas for Selkirk Manitoba (Climate Change)"


2021 — Christian Peaker, Université de Montréal

"Le REM de l’Est, une recension des écrits sur les coûts et les bénéfices attendus en fonction du mode d’implantation"


2020 — Brianna Maxwell, Dalhousie University

"All Together Now: How Three Innovative Communities are Addressing Climate Change"



2019 — Meredith Baldwin, Dalhousie University,

"All Together Now: How Three Innovative Communities are Addressing Climate Change"


2018 — Ellen McGowan, University of Waterloo, "Designing for Security"


2017 — Kara Martin, Dalhousie University,

"Cycling urban design and implementation"


2016 — Scott Bordon, Dalhousie University,

"Multi-modalism in Vancouver"


2015 — Heidi Hindrichs, Dalhousie University,

"A Study of Water Planning in the Netherlands"


2014 — Riannon McVay, Dalhousie University


Rachel Barber.JPG

2022 — Rachel Barber,  Queen's University


2021 — Lindsey Soon, University of Waterloo 


2019 — Amanda McCulley, University of Waterloo, 


2018 – Hayley N. Wasylycia, University of Alberta


Ryan portrait.jpeg

2022 - Ryan O'Toole, University of Northern British Columbia

Eyvette Elliott photo.jpg

2021 - Eyvette Elliot, Vancouver Island University


2020 - Nick Vo, University of Toronto


2019 – Leena Lamontagne-Dupuis, Queen’s University



2022 – Emily Power, University of Toronto

Yuelin Ge photo.jpg

2021 – Yuelin Ge, University of Toronto


2020 – Margot Thomaidis, Vancouver Island University


2019 – Emma MacEachern, Dalhousie University


Lucas Mollame photo.jpg

2021 - Lucas Mollame, University of Waterloo 

"Advancing Municipal Natural Asset Management through Monitoring and Engagement"


2020 - Emily Sousa, University of Guelph, 

"Planning for Agroecological Stewardship: Uncovering Opportunities for Sustainable Land Use and Biodiversity Conservation in Ontario's Dairy Industry"


2019 — Jessica Brodeur, Ryerson University, "Community Energy Planning in Ontario and British Columbia: Climate Action at a Municipal Planning Scale"


2018 — Edward Donato, University of Waterloo, "Electric Bicycle Mobility of Older Adults in Canadian Cities"


2017 — Zoi de la Peña, York University,

"Planning Equitable Public Parks"


2016 — Jeff Lemon, Simon Fraser University,

"Land-based Aquaculture: A Strategic Opportunity for Social Entrepreneurship & Sustainable Community Development"


2015 — Jake Papineau, Dalhousie University, "Assessing sustainable building technologies from a First Nations perspective"


2014 — Sarah Nielsen, Queen's University,

“Get Moving to School: Comparing influences on the potential for active school travel in a large urban centre in Western Canada"


Martin Straathof_headshot_CIP scholarship.png

2022 — Martin Straathof, University of Guelph

"Exploring the impacts of Canadian agrihoods as a form of development-supported agriculture"

Hillary Beattie photo.jpg

2021 — Hillary Beattie, University of Manitoba

“Planning for Cycling in Small Cities in Western Canada"


2022 —  Katie Turriff, University of British Columbia

SOAR Professional Services Indigenous Student Bursary