Chris Ray

Simon Fraser University

Recipient of the 2020 CIP President’s Scholarship

“I would like to extend my sincere thanks to the CIP/ICU Planning Student Trust Fund for granting me the 2020 CIP President's Scholarship. The award will help alleviate some financial stress during my graduate studies at SFU (especially during these uncertain times with the COVID-19 pandemic), and provides added support in advancing Indigenous energy planning research. I am thrilled to be collaborating with the Metlakatla First Nation and hope that my research will add value to the community, to CIP, and to the Planning profession.”

Isha Matous-Gibbs

Vancouver Island University

Recipient of the 2020 Dillon Consulting Limited Scholarship

“I wish to express my deepest gratitude to Dillon Consulting and CIP/ICU Planning Student Trust Fund for awarding me the Dillon Consulting Limited Scholarship. Words cannot truly reflect the relief and appreciation I felt when I found out I was awarded. Not only does it relieve the significant financial pressures I have been experiencing to make Grad school possible for myself, but it is an honour to know that my work is recognized as having significance to the Planning profession. I have experienced many barriers to my post-secondary education, and I’m proud of how far I have come in my life; now I feel like my personal and professional work are seen, appreciated, and valued. Thank you for this offering of connection and kinship in the Planning profession.”

Brianna Maxwell

Dalhousie University

Recipient of the 2020 College of Fellows Undergraduate Scholarship

“Thank you. Thank you for supporting my research, for encouraging me to pursue novel ideas in planning, and for recognizing my years of hard work. Juggling volunteering with multiple part-time jobs while going to school full-time throughout my undergraduate degree has been difficult, but it has been worth it to be able to contribute to the planning profession. I am so incredibly grateful for this scholarship and I wish I had the words to express it. Thank you.”

Emily Sousa

 University of Guelph 

Recipient of the 2020 Wayne Daniel Smith Scholarship

“It is with great honour and privilege that I’ve received the opportunity to receive the Wayne Daniel Smith Scholarship. The financial assistance, recognition, and platform to share my work is genuinely appreciated as I continue to research the barriers to and opportunities for biodiversity conservation on private agricultural lands. This research has great potential to positively contribute to enhancing ecosystem and agricultural resilience, as well as communities’ wellbeing all across the country. For all of this, I thank CIP-PSTF and extend my sincerest gratitude to Wayne Daniel Smith for their contributions and support.”

Emma Squires

Simon Fraser University

Recipient of the 2020 Thomas Adams Scholarship

“I am sincerely grateful to have been selected by the CIP/ICU Planning Student Trust Fund as a recipient of the Thomas Adams Scholarship. This award helps to alleviate some of the financial pressures of being a graduate student, allowing me to focus more on my research and strive to contribute to the field of planning. I also look forward to connecting with and learning from professionals and other award recipients at the CIP/ICU national conference in 2021, thanks to the additional generosity of the CIP-PSTF’s Ages Foundation Travel Award.”

Nick Vo

University of Toronto

Recipient of the 2020 Ted Fobert and Robert Tennant Planning Merit Bursary

“I want to thank the CIP/ICU Planning Student Trust Fund for awarding me the 2020 Ted Fobert & Robert Tennant Planning Merit Bursary. With everything going on, having my commitments to the community recognized showed me that not only what I am doing is valuable, but it reinforces my commitment to supporting inclusive communities. This bursary will reduce the significant financial debt load from my undergraduate degree and help me achieve my goal of becoming a city builder. I am forever grateful and truly thankful for the financial assistance and confidence from the CIP/ICU.”

Margot Thomaidis

Vancouver Island University

Recipient of the 2020 John Bousfield Bursary

“I would like to thank the CIP/ICU Planning Student Trust Fund and Bousfields Inc. for their support of my graduate studies. I worked incredibly hard this past year to develop my skills as a researcher and a planner, and it feels amazing to have this effort recognized and supported. I have been paying my own way through graduate school and have a sizeable student loan to pay back, so receiving the John Bousfield Bursary has made a big difference in my ability to more quickly repay my loan and focus all of my energy on starting my work as a planner.”





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