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Meet Our 2024 Scholarship & Outstanding Graduating Student Award Recipients

The CIP/ICU Planning Student Trust Fund (CIP-PSTF) Board of Directors is pleased to announce our 2024 scholarship recipients and our Outstanding Graduating Student Award recipients. This year, CIP-PSTF awarded four scholarships totaling $18,000 in financial assistance. Twenty-one Outstanding Graduating Student Awards were granted, with each winner receiving a book prize.

The sustainability of the scholarship and bursary programs is dependent on individual donations and corporate sponsorships. If you want to support planning students through CIP-PSTF’s programs, you can donate today.

CIP President's Scholarship

Kylie Saira Clark, University of British Columbia

Re-wilding the City: Applying the Miyawaki Method to Small Urban Spaces

"It is an incredible honour to have been awarded the 2024 CIP President’s Scholarship. I am so grateful to have my research on mini forests as a small-scale urban greening strategy recognized and valued by the CIP/ICU Planning Student Trust Fund. Thank you for this generous support, encouragement, and opportunity to share my research work with the wider CIP community."


Dillon Consulting Limited Scholarship

Emma Borho, University of Waterloo

Exploring rural children's perspectives of health and the built environment: A case study of Bruce County, Ontario

"I am honoured to receive the Dillon Consulting Ltd. scholarship, which will support my graduate research into healthy communities and rural children. I am thankful to contribute to a field that sees value in gaining insight into community-building for vulnerable populations and I thank CIP-PSTF for making this opportunity available."

Climate Change Action Scholarship

Mieke Boecker, Simon Fraser University

A framework to promote equitable climate adaptation through urban forest strategies

"I am very grateful to be the recipient of the 2024 Glenn Tunnock Climate Change Action scholarship. This award not only makes me feel validated and confident in my research, but it also provides additional financial support that frees up time which will allow me to delve deeper into my research."

Thomas Adams Scholarship

Lucy Mackinnon, University of Toronto

Mitigating Displacement in Pedestrian-Priority Streets: Strategies for an Inclusive Pedestrianization Initiative in Kensington Market

"I would like to express my deepest thanks and gratitude to CIP-PSTF for supporting my academic journey and encouraging me to pursue my passion to examining how active transportation can be used to address urban inequities. It is an honour to be the recipient of the 2024 Thomas Adams Scholarship."

Outstanding Graduating Student Award

The Outstanding Graduating Student Award recognizes one student from each accredited planning program (undergraduate and graduate) in Canada, who has demonstrated an outstanding contribution to their future profession.

Dalhousie University

Lian Vroege, Bachelor of Community Design - Honours, Urban Design & Planning

Sydney Griffiths, Master of Planning

McGill University

Elise Durie, Master of Urban Planning

Queen's University

Makenna Humes, Master of Urban Planning

Simon Fraser University

Andrew Palmer, Master of Resource Management (Planning)

Toronto Metropolitan University

Bumika Srikanthalingam, Bachelor of Urban and Regional Planning (PLAN)

Brian Mitchell Ogryzlo, Bachelor of Urban and Regional Planning (PLAB)

Kiera McMaster, Master of Planning in Urban Development

University of Alberta

Mason von der Ohe, Bachelor of Arts in Urban and Regional Planning

Kylie Li, Master of Science in Urban and Regional Planning

University of British Columbia

Maya Korbynn, Master of Community and Regional Planning

University of Calgary

Sidrah Anees, Master of Planning

University of Manitoba

Madeline Schön, Master of City Planning

University of Northern British Columbia

Mikhaila Carr, Bachelor of Planning

University of Saskatchewan

Kloey Bells, Bachelor of Arts in Regional and Urban Planning

Mireille Riffou-Loomes, Bachelor of Arts in Regional and Urban Planning (Honours)

University of Toronto

Faizaan Khan, Master of Science in Planning

University of Waterloo

Matthew Van Bakel, Bachelor of Environmental Studies Honours Co-Op Planning

Sarah Marshall, Master of Arts (Planning)

Vancouver Island University

Tharini Prakash, Master of Community Planning

York University

Patrick Stogianou, Master in Environmental Studies (Planning)

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